Saturday, January 14, 2006

Six Month Well Baby Visit

Our babies are very well! At their well baby vist yesterday, Kaia tipped the scales at 18 lbs 2 oz and Zoe weighed in at 15 lbs. Both smiled and babbled incessantly at Dr. Job, the fourth-year medical student who came in to visit us first. Kaia even gave Dr. Hui, the regular pediatrician, a big hug when she picked her up to examine her.

They received their third set of vaccinations yesterday too. Ouch! I think this hurt me as much as it did them. But they were troopers, only a minute of crying and back to bottles and rattles and other such things.

Poor Zoe has been irritable and restless since the shots, so we are doing our best to keep her comfortable. There must be a better solution to immunizing children than making them into little pin cushions so often.

Kaia and Zoe are doing well with their first baby foods (sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, apples, bananas) and have been cleared to begin sippy cup training. I have a feeling I may need protective gear for this. : )