Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wacky Wednesday -- Seven Words Every Parent Hopes Not to Say

"Stop picking your nose with your fork."

Yet another reason to give them spoons.

Wacky Wednesday -- Flaming Potty

Oh my, and I thought the singing potty was bad.

Japan firm apologizes after toilets smoke, catch fire
Mon Apr 16, 2007 8:43AM EDT
Oddly Enough News

TOKYO (Reuters) - Twenty-six smoking toilets, and three more on fire, put a Japanese toilet maker in the hot seat on Monday . . .

How to Get Recruited, Becoming a Passive Candidate

*A cross post from Firm Advice.

Companies love to recruit "passive candidates," people who are not actively looking for a job, but are open to hearing about the right opportunity. Often they are people already doing the same job at a similar or competing company.

So how, you might ask, does one become a "passive candidate"? Is it really possible to look for a job without looking? Absolutely.

First, consider joining a professional networking site such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers a managed professional setting online in which you can make new connections through trusted contacts. Users may include a brief bio or resume in their profile and indicate what sort of contact they are open to receiving, such as business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch, career opportunities, consulting offers, job inquiries, or expertise requests.

Next, submit your CV to reputable search firms and be willing to act as a source of information to help them find candidates for positions that are not a match for you. If a recruiter calls to seek your insight, your response can speak volumes. Search firms such as Heidrick & Struggles, Spencer Stuart, and Korn Ferry have a well-established process and can be expected to call upon you only when appropriate. As you build a relationship with them, they will better understand your expertise and interests.

Become a resource for others in the area in which you specialize. If you are an intellectual property attorney, don't just belong to the bar association, belong to the intellectual property law section, even better serve on a committee.

Whether through the bar association, with your firm, or on your own, develop and present continuing education classes. Be sure to maintain lists of attendees and include reliable contact information in your course materials.

Finally, stay informed about not only your field of speciality, but also its top firms and players, improving your position as a respected resource and enabling you to better evaluate offers presented to you.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A New Blog in Town

Please pay a visit to ZoKai's sister blog Firm Advice. It's a little something new I've been trying on for size. Come on over and let the comments flow.

It is a legal career blog intended to have broad appeal. I would love to get your thoughts.

Mombot Monday -- Trader Joe's, The Magnificent Market

If you like healthy food, or low-calorie food, or gourmet food, or great bargains, you'll probably like Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is the modern girl's answer to the mega market money pit.

With the feel of a small local grocer, Trader Joe's offers top quality baked goods, organic products and even gourmet foods for incredible prices. Quality is kept high by testing every product, and prices are kept low by cutting out the middleman.

You won't find shelves filled with Del Monte or Cheerios, but you will find canned vegetables and Trader Joe's O's plus organic strawberries, ready-made salads, and gourmet cheeses for significantly less than you would pay at Albertsons or Whole Foods.

The selection is outstanding, different than today's typical mega market, but more than ample to fill your cupboards, fridge and pantry.

To learn more or find the Trader Joe's in your area, just click this link to visit

Sunday, April 15, 2007