Sunday, July 30, 2006

Baby Baby Baby

Kaia and Zoe got their first baby dolls today.

They are soft little dolls dressed in little baby buntings. One baby wears a little pink and white fleece outfit with an embroidered butterfly on the front. One baby wears a purple fleece outfit with a purple and white floral calico print top. Both have precious baby faces with big blue eyes and rosebud lips curled into a tiny smile.

The look in their eyes when I handed them to them was priceless.
Our big girls knew just what to do. Who knew they had been watching so closely all this time.

So excited to see their babies, they hugged and kissed them and gave them lots of love. Kaia was eager to share her baby with Mommy for a big cuddle. Zoe cradled her baby in her arms, rocked her side to side and kissed her forehead. What good mommies they may be some day!