Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wacky Wednesday: Just When You Think No One Appreciates A Good Tantrum

I found this article in SeaCoastOnline praising an anonymous mom a refreshing read. It was a nice insight into what people might be thinking while observing those "category 4" toddler meltdowns.

Monday, September 10, 2007

When Our House Is Run by Toddlers, Coming Soon

We shall dine upon cake and juice for breakfast. The juice shall be served over crushed ice, full strength, much to pediatricians' dismay. In the event cake is not available, pancakes may be substituted provided they are of the "silver dollar" variety and are officially referred to as "hotcakeys."

For lunch, we shall feast upon corn dogs, cookies, and soda pop, fully caffeinated and fully sugared. In the event corndogs are not available, pancakes may be substituted provided they are of the "silver dollar" variety and are officially referred to as "hotcakeys."

At nap time, well, there will be no nap time, but during the time that used to be nap time, we will braid the dog's fur and color the insides of his ears with washable marker, while watching "The Wiggles Magical Adventure."

At snack time, we will have hotcakeys. No substitutions please.

For dinner, we will eat cheese and ice cream, with our hands. Participants are encouraged to style their hair using an ice cream pomade.

Following dinner and before bath, we will see who can make the best sticky hand prints on the television while watching our bedtime relaxation video, "The Wiggles Magical Adventure."

Baths will last one hour, accompanied by no fewer than fifteen bathtub toys. We will exit the bath and dry ourselves only after all bath water has drained and we have lain with our faces on the tub floor and flopped like fish for at least one minute. We shall dry ourselves exclusively with bright yellow towels adorned with duck feet on the corners and hoods with bills on top. While drying we shall quack like ducks and waddle around the bathroom wearing only a diaper.

We shall never ever, ever, ever put on pajamas without first making an obligatory three laps around the bathroom while dancing and singing, "Nakey! Nakey! Nakey! Nakey! Nakey!" Rump shaking and hand jiving are mandatory.

The official bedtime ritual shall consist of no fewer than three story readings, eight hugs, ten kisses, and five tuckings in. Then we shall sleep like babies.

Abercrombie's Analysis of Petraeus' Testimony And The Hunt Oil Deal In Iraq

Click here for Rep. Abercrombie's analysis of Petraeus' testimony and the Hunt oil deal in Iraq. (Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii)) A Hilltube Video.

Does the Move On Ad Nicknaming General Petraeus "General Betray Us" Go Too Far?

I think so. Do you?

View the ad here.

I may disagree with Petraeus' opinion or the manner in which he presents it, but I do not believe he intends to betray the American people or his troops. While the ad may have valid points to make, using such a harsh and obviously inaccurate moniker turns off viewers at the start making them unreceptive to the ad's main message.

I think it is an unfortunate misstep by MoveOn.

Easier Than Apple Pie: Easy Apple Cinnamon Bake Recipe

The beginning of school and football always put me in an autumn frame of mind, ready for fall foliage and apple pie, regardless of the temperature outside. If it is still too hot where you live to get excited about firing up the oven, this Easy Apple Cinnamon Bake recipe offers a simple solution. It takes less than ten minutes start to finish and fills the house with a wonderful aroma.


1 large apple (Red Delicious or Fuji are ideal)
1 Tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon sugar
1 dash nutmeg (Remember nutmeg comes from the same plant as mace. It can be overpowering, so proceed with caution. Omit if serving to small children.)


Slice apple into quarters, peel, and slice again into 1/4 inch or smaller slices. Place in microwaveable soup or cereal bowl. Mix in 1 Tablespoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon sugar, and dash of nutmeg until apple slices are evenly coated. Cook in microwave on high for approximately 3 minutes.


A little apple juice may be added prior to cooking, if you prefer softer, sweeter baked apples. For a more rustic result, and quicker prep, bake with apple peel on.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oprah and Obama: What Will Be the Impact?

Late yesterday, Oprah Winfrey hosted a political fundraiser at her home in Santa Barbara home, raising some three million dollars for Barack Obama. Obama is the first political candidate to receive such public support from Ms. Winfrey despite her long history in the public eye.

Could Oprah's support of Obama significantly impact the Democratic Presidential Primary? It could, but the degree to which it will depends upon the degree to which Oprah is willing to tie her image to Obama's politics and the Democratic party.

Undoubtedly, Oprah has demonstrated the ability to influence American pop culture and buying patterns. With her book club and "Oprah's Favorite Things", she has demonstrated influence arguably unrivaled by any single television personality. For all the influence she wields though, she has to an obvious extent avoided publicly endorsing any political candidate, until Obama.

People are taking notice of her interest in Obama and that will serve him well. While hosting a three million dollar fundraiser at her Santa Barbara home brings big money and an intimate personal touch, both trademarks of Ms. Winfrey's business sense, it is likely not enough to sway a major voting block.

Could Oprah have the sort of impact required to change the outcome of a presidential primary? Yes, but it would come from involvement more akin to the type we saw with Michael J. Fox's very public endorsement of candidates supporting stem cell research in 2006. Oprah certainly has the skill, the funds, and the wherewithal to be significant influence in the Democratic Presidential Primary and the 2008 Presidential Election, but whether she will remains to be seen.

* A cross-post from Political Popsicle/Political Pollyanna.