Friday, December 30, 2005

Suburban Commando, or Can Anyone Realign My Chakras?

Okay, seeing the police officer running toward me with his rifle may have spurred this, but I'm beginning to feel a bit like a suburban commando. Forget the titles Soccer Mom and Homemaker. They're much too Martha Stewart.

When the police officer crossed in front of my bumper yelling "Get down! Get down! Get down!" and captured at gunpoint the first of four armed robbery suspects a few days ago, maybe it changed me a bit. Maybe my Chakras got bent. Too bad there's not a Chakra Shop for realignment. Maybe I could use a tune-up.

Yesterday, as I stood outside my running SUV with doors agape and reached in to comfort my screaming child, I noticed a man at the bus stop across the street watching us. Wanting to be polite I pretended not to notice. Maybe it was all in my mind after all.

I glanced again. Yes, he was still watching. Back to the screaming child. It's okay Honey, Mommy doesn't need to eat. We'll go home.

I glanced again. Now he's crossing the street, attempting rather awkwardly to look nonchalant, and he's not a small guy. Maybe it's not all in my mind.

Time to go baby. Load up and lock the doors. As I backed out, he walked into the parking lot and toward me. A petite nicely dressed suburbanite stood next to and almost behind my white Toyota Highlander. I motioned for her to go ahead. She seemed to also think this character had trouble on his mind. She balked at my offer to go ahead and it took me moment to understand that her car was even closer to this guy than mine. I pulled forward slightly and watched her get into her car to make sure she was okay.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I wondered, "Was that really real?"

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