Sunday, February 12, 2006

Seven Months Old

Our babies turned seven months old Thursday. How they are changing!

Zoe started sitting up this week and has made great advances in crawling. She crawls and falls, but can easily work her way from one side of a quilt to another in only moments.

Kaia is pushing up on both hands and straightening her elbows. She'll be pushing up on hands and knees soon. She loves to laugh and spent much of our trip to the mall yesterday laughing at random passers-by.

Peek-a-boo is a big hit with both girls as they love to entertain one another. Kaia will lay on her back and waive her big Whinnie the Pooh in front of her, then whisk him away to see Zoe and laugh, laugh, laugh. Zoe sits up, holds a blanket with both hands, waggles it over her head and then flops it down with a mischievous look of anticipation waiting for Kaia to laugh.

Late at night they giggle, coo and scream in delight at each other, carrying on as if having their own little baby slumber party.

It seems they are changing every day. It amazes me how quickly they learn. They will be big girls all too soon. Kaia just had a bottle and fell asleep on my lap as I finished writing this. What could be better than a cuddly baby asleep in your arms?

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