Sunday, March 19, 2006

Apologies to Our Loyal Viewers for Extended Absence

Apologies for my extended absence from the blogosphere. I am now recovered from a three-week illness which my doctor titled the "Bug D'Jour." I ran a fever for five days before we reached the conclusion that the girls and I would need to travel to my mother's home in Albuquerque for some much-needed relief help.

It was the girls' first major road trip and what a trip! Zoe, prone to screaming tantrums at times of excessive tiredness or frustration, found the trip especially unsettling. Their schedule was entirely thrown off and both were majorly teething as evidenced by the brand new tiny teeth the sprang forth on our trip home.

Papa, my grandfather, was able to visit and meet the girls for the first time while we were in Albuquerque -- an unexpected treat. Pictures will be posted soon. Despite his elder status, he seemed to be the healthiest of the group, resisting infection by whatever sickness I had picked up.

I seemed to be the Typhoid Mary of the family, passing the Bug D'Jour to almost everyone around me, except Papa. Zoe, Kaia, Scott, my mother and even my nephew ended up getting sick with apparently the same nasty bug.

We are all healthy and glad to be home, though Zoe and Kaia are still hard at work on even more toothy grins.

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