Sunday, January 07, 2007

Political Yes Yes Yes of the Week Award

Photo by Karin of DoubleDutyDiary.

This week the Political No No of the Week Award is replaced with a Political Yes Yes Yes. I mean, after all, the world's not all bad, right? Have faith. This week I'm awarding a Political Yes Yes Yes to Bob Seger for his rocking new song, "Between." The music, rhythm and most importantly the lyrics ROCK.

And here's the political part:

"World keeps getting hotter
Ice falls in the sea
We buy a bigger engine
and say it isn't me," Seger sings.

Hooray for reality and promoting social responsibility.

You can listen to the whole song on the web site here. Get ready to download. You're gonna love it.

In addition, to my Political Yes Yes Yes of the Week Award, I'll be sending a little of my hard-earned cash his way for this awesome song.

Rock on, Mr. Seger!

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