Monday, April 23, 2007

Mombot Monday -- Cheat Sheets for the Domestic Goddess

"Work smarter, not harder" should be emblazoned above my doorway. If there is a better way to accomplish a task, I want to know about it. To that end, there are a few sites I have found I can reliably turn to for domestic tips and tricks. Whether it is removing coffee stains from your favorite blouse, picking paint colors for the nursery, or finding fresh decorating ideas for entertaining, these sites deliver: -- the ultimate domestic guide, with great ideas, always in good taste. -- everything from how to complete simple plumbing projects to removing food stains from clothing and how to make your own candles, this site doesn't disappoint, an excellent overall resource. -- Better Homes and Gardens Magazine's web site, a fun site for recipes and decorating tips, unfortunately plagued by an annoying number of pop-up ads. -- reliable resource for gardening and landscape design tips, well-organized and explained in easy to understand terms. Includes helpful features such as a hardiness zone map complete with a zip code zone finder.

*These are my favorites. I would love to hear about yours too.

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