Friday, June 01, 2007

Post Pics of Your Pets Day

Kudos to Kelly of Digressions for coming up with Post Pics of Your Pets Day!

Benjamin The Mighty 20 Pound Warrior,

Guardian of Christmas Goodies,

and Eater of Large Stuffed Candy Canes

Age: Approximately 91 dog years and counting.
Origin: Adopted from a shelter.
Turn ons: Tummy rubs and ear scratching, oh baby.
Turn offs: People of the male persuasion. Once ran away from the pizza delivery man. Really, all the way down the block.
Strength: Would chew someones ankles off to protect me.
Weakness: Will kiss for waffles.
Proudest Moment: When he delivered to me as a gift the muffin he had snatched from the table on the sly a couple of days before.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Once winkled on a date, who surprisingly enough did not run away screaming in disgust.


Nanette said...

Is winkled what I think it is? :O I've got a waffle Benjamin! So cute!

Kelly said...

Benjamin is a mighty warrior, and so handsome! I want to squeeze him!

Rug's Bug said...

My mom's dogs LOVE waffles! My dog looks offended that I asked if I try to give him one. He'd rather have deli meat.

Jules said...

It sounds like Benjamin is a good tool for finding out about people. If a date got "winkled" on and didn't freak out, I'd say that's a pretty good sign!

Oh, The Joys said...

No pets, I'm afraid. Busy street.

(Wouldn't want that goldfish to get hit by a prius.)

Heather said...

Benjamin is quite the noble friend. Rescued pets are wonderful.