Friday, September 28, 2007

Tripping the Light Slacktastic While Breathing Fire

The old blog is looking kind of empty these days, few posts and even fewer meaty articles. For this I apologize. The twins and I are sick, sick, sick with the I-could-breathe-fire-and-sleep-in-a-bucket-of-ice crud. This is aligned, of course, with the exact moment in time at which Hub-A-Dub needs to work round the clock on a big project with a looming deadline. AND I have managed to align this with the start of new volunteer responsibilities plus my start of a class on writing, yes writing, real world style.

So, gather round friends. Once we wrap up that deadline and stop breathing fire, there should be new and interesting stories posted here soon.

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Marine Wife said...

Hope everyone at Chez Shannon is feeling better soon!