Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dia de los Muertos, A Celebration of Life through Day of the Dead

Cool glasses of water, flickering candles, and the aroma of marigolds welcome spirits of departed loved ones in Dia de los Muertos celebrations across Southern California this week. In celebration of their lives, family and friends create beautiful altars. Sugar skulls, rosary beads, and favorite foods are carefully displayed alongside old photographs and mementos.

A photographic sampling of San Diego's Sherman Heights Community Center's Dia de los Muertos celebration follows. To learn more, visit

(Click on any photograph to view full size.)

*Special thanks to Doris Villasenor of the Sherman Heights Community Center.


Janet said...

This is such a wonderful tradition. Around here people generally remember their dead on Memorial Day, but it consists primarily of a new batch of plastic flowers on the grave. I think this is a much more positive activity.

PS Thanks for adding my blog to your list!

Lauri said...

When we first moved to Colorado the sugar skulls and skeletons freaked me out a little. I had never seen a culture deal with death in such a matter of fact way.