Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Last Straw -- No More Toys from China

(*Correction, the FAO Schwarz site does not identify country of origin for individual toys. It allows visitors to search by country of origin. Not a quick process, but still better than the information many other sites offer.)

According to a CNN report today, 80% of US sold toys are made in China. There are alternatives though. FAO Schwartz and the Cool Mom Pick Safer Toy Guide identify toys made in the USA, Germany, and other countries with higher production standards.

I'm cleaning out the toy box and starting over, with no toys from China. The best way to lose a mom's business is to sell her something unsafe for her child. Pretty obvious, at least I would have thought so before 25 million toys were recalled.


Lynn said...

They are also now saying that lead has been found in reusable red bags sold at Trader Joe's markets. It seems to be everywhere. Makes me nervous about having anyone I care about touching things.

CamiKaos said...

It's making Christmas shopping interesting for us this year. I can't just pick an item of K's wish list... I feel the need to find out about EVERYTHING first.

Shannon said...

Lynn, Trader Joes too? Sheesh. I have red bags from there. Out they go.

Cami, I feel the same way. I'm thinking Amish and artisan.