Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Green Diva Top Ten

An excerpt from a recent writing assignment, because it's ten days 'til Christmas and I should be industriously wrapping gifts.

From lights left on all night to rainbow-colored argyle sweaters two sizes too small, the holidays bring the inevitable environmental offenses. Here are ten of the worst:

1. Leaving lights on all night: Unless you're on the strip in Vegas, turn them off at midnight.

2. Doing nothing: Even small changes help. If lights must be on all night, make sure they are solar.

3. Rainbow colored argyle sweaters two sizes too small: Sometimes a gift card is better than the real thing.

4. Failing to properly recycle the tree: No matter how beautiful it once was, no one wants to see it along the roadside.

5. Overbuying: Avoid buying extra gifts and letting them sit until they eventually find their way into an overcrowded landfill.

6. Failing to RSVP: Sending regrets can help hosts avoid purchasing food and drink to feed an army when only a platoon will actually be attending.

7. Ridiculous amounts of wrapping: A gift inside layers of tissue paper, sealed with a decal, in a box, sealed with tape, wrapped in holiday paper, sealed with tape, tied with ribbon, topped with a bow, with a gift card attached is just too much.

8. Too many trips to the store: Make a list. Check it twice.

9. Paper plates and cups: Use real dishes. Rinse, repeat, reuse.

10. Everything new is old again: Holiday decorations don't need to be replaced every year, except maybe those cookie ornaments from last year. Those might make excellent bird feed.


Lynn said...

Excellent advice.

Shannon said...

Thanks. It's amazing how such little things can have such a big impact when people work together.