Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Indeed

During dinner tonight:

Three-year-old Z: (chanting) Caul-i-flower! Caul-i-flower! Caul-i-flower!

Me: Hey, what's up?

Three-year-old Z: Mama, why we not have any cauliflower?

Me: (refraining from dancing in jubilation) I don't know. Would you like some?

Three-year-old Z: Yes.

Me: Okay. I'll make some.

So does this redeem me for that day in the grocery store a couple weeks ago in the grocery when they both began chanting, "Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!"


Kelly said...

Strange. My kids wanted to put cauliflower in the muffins we were making today. It was a Jessica Seinfeld recipe, but still!

Marine Wife said...

I'm just grateful for anything remotely healthy mine want to eat. And you do have to strike while the iron is hot. One day they're asking for cauliflower and the next thing you know they act like you're crazy for suggesting they take a bite of it!

Janet said...

Wow. Cauliflower. That's impressive. The only vegetable my 3-year-old will eat is spinach in a "veggie bite" (spinach and cheese in breading). Probably not the healthiest, but at least he eats it!

Shannon said...

I lucked out. The oldest of my twins is an accidental health nut. She doesn't like chocolate, doesn't like butter (too greasy), likes vegetables, and likes to exercise. How did this happen?! A bit of this she might have picked up from me. I admit to loving cauliflower and taking the occasional stroll for exercise, but not like chocolate?!! And no butter?!! Maybe there was a baby switch at the hospital. ;)