Thursday, May 11, 2006

10 Month Update Coming Soon - Stay Tuned!

Zoe and Kaia turned 10 months old this week. Our babies are not infants anymore. We can hardly believe it. Imagine my surprise when I wondered into the clothing section at Babies R Us and found that nothing was big enough. They're toddlers now. It's a whole new world.

Perhaps this is why Mommy is just too tired to write the 10 Month Update tonight. Teething, tantrums, and resistance to bed time have all set in full force. And they still don't sleep through the night. I'm beginning to think that whole sleeping through the night think was just a pretty lie concocted to convince young women to have babies. I'm told that it eventually does happen, but I'm not so sure.

So, we'll try for a more detailed update no later than this weekend. There is much to tell: crawling, standing, walking, playing, hiding. Stay tuned . . .

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