Sunday, May 14, 2006

The 10 Month Update - Ta Da!

Crawl, walk, run! We're almost there. Both girls are crawling, standing and walking while holding the play yard wall, even with one hand.

Zoe stands on her own without holding on and has even taken a step toward Mommy.

Kaia began crawling the day of her nine-month checkup. I told the doctor I was concerned she wasn't crawling yet. She crawled that afternoon, as if to say, "See Mommy, no problem." Even though she hasn't been crawling as long as Zoe. She has almost completely caught up to her.

Mama, Daddeee, Papa, baba, DUCK!, daier (translates to "diaper"), mmmmmmm, hi and DO have all become part of the regular vocabulary.

Kaia sometimes seems to be so deep in thought and then surpises us with some complex word like "button." Last week she sat contently in the play yard, completely wrapped in her own thoughts, turning and feeling the pink heart-shaped button on her little yellow dress, and softly and perfectly pronounced "Button." She said it just once and hasn't said it since. It's as if she satisfied herself she knows the word and hasn't had call to use it again. Nevermind that Mommy and Daddy both now point goofily at random buttons and yammer away, "Button, button, button, button." Even more amazing to me than the fact that they are learning words, is the fact that they are learning how to apply them appropriately. Kaia has learned the power of the word "Mama." It is becoming her hallmark cry. But there's nothing quite like when she looks at me, smiles and says Mama. I just can't describe it.

Zoe loves to say DUCK! It's just like that. Always in capital letters and always with an exclamation mark. Sometimes she will burst out with DO, when she's particularly excited and wants you to do something. The current favorite word, though, is quite possibly diaer (translated = diaper). She was completely thrilled this week when she realized she was actually communicating with Mommy, telling her what this thing was. Smiling and holding her diaper, she must have walked around for 10 minutes straight saying diaer and looking back at me to confirm. She was elated. When it's wet or dirty, she will sometimes even grab it as if she's trying to pull it off and say diaer. Potty training will be coming soon.

They are growing up so quickly. They have their own ideas, their own likes and dislikes. They love to help Mommy pick out their outfits in the morning. They hate to put on bed clothes at night. They both love and hate the bedtime story. It seems wonderful and terrible all at the same time. "Mommy, I love it when you read to me, but doesn't bedtime come after this? That stinks."

Tantrums have reared their ugly heads, and let me tell you, they can throw 'em. Take away a toy, or something they think is a toy, that they really really want and you're likely to get a show. Kaia might even lie down and kick and scream and cry. Zoe may scream at you, shake her arms, cry, and turn red in the face. I couldn't help but smile at the reckless abandon with which Kaia threw a tantrum a couple of days ago over a singing sea star toy. Kaia was so surprised at my reaction, she actually stopped the fit.

Bedtime is really getting interesting. They've never really slept through the night, but we had at least developed a routine that seemed effective to help them go to sleep initially. It seems to be losing it's power. The hard part is that they don't sleep at the same time. And they're both getting up three and four times a night again. We've taken suggestions. We've read books. We've immitated Super Nanny. We've tried it all, but nothing seems especially effective. Alas, it seems we're doomed to a life of sleeplessness. I'm sure it will get better. Right?

Well, I'm sure there's more to tell, but I need to go help Kaia back to sleep.

Signing off until next time . . .

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