Monday, February 12, 2007

Mombot Monday -- No Thanks to $9 Dish Soap

I love Restoration Hardware. Their products are classically designed, and comparatively speaking, not terribly expensive.

When I received their Early Spring 2007 catalog recently, I enjoyed a quick fantasy run through it. Although I found lots to love, I just couldn't help but find the humor in the $42 soap and lotion "3-Piece Caddy" seen here:

A bit pricey for three plastic bottles of dish soap, hand soap and lotion, don't you think? While I don't mind paying Restoration Hardware prices for the quality they offer in more significant items such as sofas or bed linens, I just can't see paying $16 for Restoration Hardware Dryer Sheets or $9 for Restoration Hardware scented dish soap. I mean, do I really need my dishes to be scented? No, I think not.

But I do love the look of the simple little soap and lotion caddy pictured above. Here's my solution and tip of the week. Peruse the catalogs of the places you love and learn which less expensive stores imitate their style. You can invest in quality for significant items like artwork and furniture and save a little on things that are less noticeable, such as dish soap and dryer sheets.

I found a similar soap and lotion caddy at World Market for $15. Granted it has a slightly different look, but for a price difference of nearly $30, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

World Market and Pier 1 Imports often carry goods very similar to current offerings of Restoration Hardware. Their prices are lower, and you can find some great deals on sale.


Damselfly said...

Ew. Scented dishes, indeed. There are few worse things in the universe than sitting down to a nice meal (OK, a 37-second snack) on a dish that smells like whatever you washed it in. These soap makers should realize we want to taste our food, not our dishes.

Cooks on the ROK said...

I have to agree on the scented dish soap. The point is they are not supposed to smell. Like anything. Same reason you're not supposed to use scented candles while dining.
As for the caddy, I had a lot of that sort of chrome stuff in my bathroom when we first got married. It all rusted. So now I prefer non-metal decorative items in areas where they could be damp.

Shannon said...

Exactly. When I take a drink of cool, clear water from a freshly washed glass, I want to taste cool, clear water, not sudsy Shore.