Monday, February 12, 2007

The Mother Lode -- Thanks Cool Mom Picks

Cool Mom Picks sent me this great gob of goodies just for posting their Holiday Gift Guide button, the button I posted simply because they have truly great finds. I had no idea I could win prizes too. Bonus!

My fave from the whole bunch, the Skip*Hop Saddlebag in pink camo:

From the Skip*Hop website:

n. sad·dle·bag
1. One of a pair of pouches hanging across the back of a horse behind the saddle.
2. A pouch hanging from a saddle or over the rear wheel of a motorcycle or bicycle.
3. A stylin’ pouch from Skip Hop that attaches to the sides of nearly any stroller.

Check the cool karate pants from Beasty Baby. If only the "Cranky" pants came in my size . . .

I love this adorable lavender tee from Emotional Armor. Guess what. These come in mommy size.

From Mommytrackd, came these nifty eat sheets -- menu planner and grocery list all in one. Where have these been all my life?

Tired of picking up sippy cups off the sidewalk? Boy, am I. I can't wait to try this one. Drop Stop, from Atea Kids, is designed to prevent baby paraphernalia such sippy cups and teething rings from making their way to the ground.

Last, not least, this lovely lavender scented Head-to-Toe Baby Wash from Bug & Pickle, is a treat for the whole family. The scent is soft enough for baby, masculine enough for dad and fresh enough for mom.

Thanks Cool Mom Picks!


Cooks on the ROK said...

I particularly like the sweatshirt. You'll see why soon.

Damselfly said...

I want that bag!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Damn, I need that bag! I'll be spending my midwestern snow day online shopping. Evil Cool Mom Picks!

Mom101 said...

What a great write-up Shannon, thanks so much! Can we clone you a million times and make you all CMP readers?

Cheers -
Liz from Cool Mom Picks