Saturday, March 10, 2007

Flitting through the Blogosphere -- New Faves

Ah, the life of the bloginista, so much to read and so little time. How to decide? I will share with you a few of my recent finds.

You can be sure these are really, really enticing. How can you be sure? Because my friends, I have the attention span of an impatient fruit fly on crack. If a blog does not catch and hold my attention within the first half second, I'm off flitting through the blogosphere in search of the next tasty morsel upon which to feast my starving mind.

Mom 101 -- Funny, real and touching.

Lawyer Mama -- Never afraid to take on the tough topics, always writing with style.

Slacker-Moms-R-Us -- Funny, oh so funny, and the real deal.

Blog Con Queso -- A riot, an absolute laugh riot.


The Wooden Porch said...

I used to read Blog Con Queso, but had forgotten about it until just now! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

Mom101 said...

Wow, thanks mama! This isn't just because I sent you that bag o' goodies from CMP is it...

Shannon said...

To Mom 101: You are sooo welcome, but even more deserving. And no, it is absolutely not because of the bag o'goodies from CMP! Although I am totally digging the saddle bag and the cranky pants.

Girl con Queso said...

You are too too kind. And I'm not even kidding. Or joking. Or laughing. You rule.