Monday, April 02, 2007

Mombot Monday -- Mommy's Little Internet Secret -- One Step Ahead

I like things trendy and adore things classically stylish, but I love, love, love things practical. It is this love of things practical, greatly enhanced by becoming a twin mom, that led me to the discovery of the ultimate retailer of practical products for mommies and babies. One Step Ahead is the online place to go when you think, "Surely someone must have invented a ___(fill in the blank)___ for this by now."

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking there must be someone who sells wipes in a teeny tiny package rather than those ridiculously envelope-size "portable" wipe containers you see so many retailers peddling to moms. (I don't care what luxurious fabric you cover them in, they are still insanely oversize for carrying five or six wipes.)

Voila! This week my One Step Ahead catalog arrived featuring these:

I think I'm in love.

Of course that wasn't all to be found in the One Step Ahead treasure trove of practicality.

There is also this ultra large sun canopy which attaches to almost any stroller, a product I purchased last year and have enjoyed so much that I am considering buying another.

As if that isn't enough, there is also this:

The incredible insta-bib! Actually, they just call them bib clips, but imagine the convenience of never again having to tuck another dirty bib into your already overcrowded diaper bag. Just take it apart and throw the dirty part away. Yippee! While I haven't tried these yet, they are definitely on my short list of products to buy.

Another product I have tried is the Cozy Crib Tent. One of my girls has always been an incredible kicker, even before she was born. She was constantly kicking her leg through the crib slats and then getting stuck. Fearing she would seriously injure herself, I looked at many different solutions. The Cozy Crib Tent offered the perfect solution because it protected her from getting her limbs stuck between the crib slats and also prevented her from climbing out, leading to crib falls, when older. Additionally it allows excellent air flow and is transparent.

One Step Ahead offers many more products ranging from tub spout covers to a car seat that converts to a stroller for travel convenience. You can check them out yourself online at

(*I'm not receiving any sort of recompense for the glowing review above. I really just enjoy their products that much.)


Mrs. Chicken said...

I love One Step Ahead. We ordered our baby gates from them, the kind you can mount on open bannisters. Also, they have these cool tops you can screw on to water and juice bottles and viola! Instant sippy cups.


Girl con Queso said...

I LOVE OSA! And if you buy something from them, they send you catalogs, forever. Which, actually, I also love.

Damselfly said...

What a great idea!