Friday, September 21, 2007

Political Roundup, Things to Watch, An Ongoing Post

Is Obama In or Out of the Healthcare Webcasts?

Nine candidates set for webcast health forums
By Jeffrey Young
September 20, 2007
Former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) will be the first of at least nine presidential candidates to participate in a series of webcast forums on healthcare reform co-sponsored by a liberal advocacy group and a hospital lobbying organization.

Obama doesn't seem to be included in the long list of participating candidates, yet.

An Easy Grader and A Spintastic Soothsayer

Bush gives himself an ‘A’ on tax policy
By Klaus Marre
September 20, 2007
President Bush Thursday awarded himself the top grade on cutting taxes and warned that a recession could hit the country if Democrats had their way and raised taxes.

Ah yes, a recession would be the Democrats' fault. "Turn your eyes away from the lax restrictions on subprime lenders," says the spinning soothsayer.

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