Monday, September 17, 2007

Luxury Looks for Less

I like a little luxury. Who doesn't? But let's not get crazy. I don't need $9 scented dish soap or $16 dryer sheets infused with essential oils. But jewelry from Tiffany's, perfume from Saks, and luxury bed linens? Yes, yes and yes!

A little luxury in the right places goes a long way. Lovely jewelry can dress up a mundane mommy outfit, intoxicating perfume plays out its own scenario in your mind, and striking bed linens set the mood when you enter a room.

The price of luxury can be steep, so when something luxurious tickles my fancy, but seems just a bit too much at the time, I keep my eyes open for less expensive alternatives. The October issue of Family Circle brought me a welcome surprise. I was thrilled to find this line of linens from Martha Stewart Everyday.

Because I love the crisp tailored look and high-thread-count feel of fine hotel bed linens, I have been mulling over these similar collections from Restoration Hardware and like styles from Pottery Barn for some time. While I am not a regular Kmart shopper, these linens from Martha Stewart Everyday are just the sort of item that might make me walk through their doors.

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PunditMom said...

They do look nice and comfy!