Friday, September 07, 2007

Think Pink

Okay, so I don't drink coffee from a pink cup. yet. Only because I don't have one. But I would so very gladly vacuum my house with a pink vacuum. And if I could help beat breast cancer by doing so? Well, that would just rock. Check out the new PINK Dyson debuting at Target and the giveaway going on at ModMom.


modmom said...

hi shannon!
thank you so much for shouting out my dyson giveaway!

i couldn't find your email link, but i wanted to recommend you link your banner to your home page instead of photobucket. i finally did that + it makes it easier for readers who come in on individual posts (to find your home page).
happy weekend!

Shannon said...

Thanks. And I just changed the link on the banner to my home page. Happy weekend to you too!