Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And It All Began with a Pub Crawl

The courtship was vastly more romantic than that, but the honeymoon began in Dublin and had to include a pub crawl. Dublin reminded me of New York with its busy streets and people bustling in every direction. The manor house where we stayed in Adare seemed more like a castle, and we're still not sure what language they were speaking in the small diner where we stopped shortly after getting off the plane in Shannon. Although we did eventually manage to communicate that we would like to know the location of the rest room, uhm bathroom, er toilet, eh water closet, uh lavatory.

(Photos from when my camera only had 3.4 megapixels.)

Pre-pub-crawl in Dublin

Pool at Torq Waterfall, County Kerry

Irish countryside, County Kerry

Blarney Castle, County Cork

Irish coast, Ring of Kerry

Torq Waterfall, County Kerry

Fisherman, Ring of Kerry


KarinGal said...

Is it your anniversary? If so, happy day! John and I honeymooned in Ireland, too, and saw many of the same sights. So beautiful, so romantic.

Shannon said...

Not our anniversary, but thank you. Just thought it would be fun to post the pics for NaBloPoMo. Ireland was so beautiful. I couldn't believe how unspoiled it was. I think I could walk through the rolling green hills forever.

Marine Wife said...

I've been wanting to go forever. Am so jealous! Great pics!

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures! I have got to get to Ireland sometime soon.

Janet said...

I, too, have always wanted to go to Ireland, and your pictures just made it worse!!! I'll have to skip the pub crawl. Well, we could go and I'll be designated driver. (I'm on meds that don't mix well with alcohol.)

Shannon said...

Thanks all. I love to take photos, and Ireland certainly makes it hard to find a bad shot.