Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Sock Obsession

Do they itch? Do they bind? Are they completely out of fashion? Who knows. She refuses to explain, except to shout, "No!" angrily when anyone approaches her with a pair.

Baby K will not wear socks.

Will not wear socks with shoes. Will not wear socks in twos. Will not wear socks no matter what you do.

Burdened by a good dose of mommy guilt for allowing her to go sockless to preschool yesterday, I came home from running errands with this adorable bundle of colorful baby socks, plus a handful of play along crazy-striped mommy socks.

Let's hope it works.


Janet said...

Hope it works. Both my kids love socks. They get that from me. Fun stripy socks are my favorite. I have 2 pairs with moose on them. :)

Devra said...

My older son would kick off his socks. He hated wearing them. At one point we felt that maybe he had been Native American in a past life and had been known in that life as "Runs With One Sock." When he was stroller aged, I considered wearing a sign reading "It's okay, I have the other sock in my pocket" just so I wouldn't have to hear "He's missing his sock" fifty times a day.

I stopped over to absolve your mommy guilt. I want you to know that my son is now almost 12 and I am happy to report he wears socks on both feet. And I don't have to tell him to do it, he does it on his own.

I bet your daughter will come around eventually too!

Marine Wife said...

Yeah. Good luck with that. I'm still having issues with the 7 yr old. I thought I'd finally found the type she'd wear (Old Navy sport anklets which were worn with EVERYTHING) but now she's finding issue with them, too. Argh!

Shannon said...

:) The new socks worked for about a week. At least her sister likes them.

Devra thanks for stopping by. Your book sounds interesting and like a fun read. I'll have to read it out sometime.

Devra said...

Well, at least someone will get to enjoy the socks. Cold feet aren't a leading cause of illness in our world, so don't let the sock issue get in the way of enjoying your parenthood. : )
As for the book, thank you for the kind words. It's available in most public libraries, so I don't want anyone to think I just stopped in to hawk our book. I really do want to help moms (and dads) feel empowered and encouraged in their parenting!