Monday, September 25, 2006

It's in the Bag

(A Tongue-In-Cheek Social Study of the Female American Suburbanite Based upon Handbag Contents, Accomplished Through Viral Blogging)

When I was tagged by my friend Karin the Photography Goddess to do this post, my first thought was, "That's so cool." My second thought was, "What IS in my bag?" Typically Type A, I was tempted to first investigate the contents of my bag, sort, discard and rearrange prior to completing this writing assignment. I guess that would defeat the purpose, so away we go on an uncensored tour of the contents of my bags.

For me, it will be two bags rather than one. As a mommy of twins, no single bag has proven mighty enough to supply the needs of both mommy and babies on the run.

First, there's the luxury bag for me, my little splurge. Nevermind, that its original pricetag was more than my car payment. But then again, I'm a bargain shopper, so I got it for half off. Even so, it was pricey for me -- a little tiptoe into decadence justified by the fact that it's something that will always fit and the fact that it cost incredibly less than the similar purses in the same store that cost more than most of my highschool friends' first cars.

So, let's see what is inside:

- a pair of $5 sunglasses from Claire's
- a plastic compact with a mirror designed to hold tissues, empty
- cell phone and ear piece
- individual dental floss packets, toothbrush, miniature toothpaste
- Coolmint Listerine Pocketmist mouth spray
- a partially eaten colorful story card from an on-the-go toddler meal
- keychain with keys, remote keyless entry and and a red plastic logo tag from my gym
- miniature sunscreen on a caribeener clip
- miniature flashlight and Swiss Army knife on a separate keychain
- hairclip
- 2 tampons
- used tissues
- 4 stray Gerber Fruit Puffs
- Mary Kay Lip Protector Sunblock
- size and weight measurements from the girls last doctor appointment
- 3 packages of strawberry Weight Watchers Fruities candies
- checkbook, savings book
- informed consent for Zoom! Tooth Whitening
- 2 coupons for discounted Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets
- completely flattened unopened toddler cereal bar
- appointment card for the girls' next doctor appointment (hey, that's where it went)
- business card for landscaping
- 2 panty shields, an ultra thin pad, and another tampon
- Benefit "the gloss" lip gloss in "no peeking" pink
- 3 more tampons in yet another pocket
- 2 unused restaurant napkins (emergency kleenex)
- See's Candies gift certificate
- Trader Joe's receipt
- Costco receipt
- black ponytail holder
- rubber band
- cell phone magazine ad
- Triple A card
- receipt from doctor's office
- cell phone brochures and business card
- more business cards
- wallet and coin purse combo Posted by Picasa

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