Sunday, September 24, 2006

This Week We . . .

This week we said our first complete sentences. They were blurted out with the urgency of a fire alarm, lest Mommy and Daddy forget to give us our bedtime bottles. Kaia: Mama, I need baba! Zoe: Dada, baba, I need!

This week we went swimming for the very first time. Mommy and her friend Francie took us swimming in a warm saltwater pool with a walk-behind waterfall and tall palm trees all around. It was so much fun. At first we were a bit hesitant, but when we sat on the steps and splashed the water with our feet and hands, we decided it was just dandy.

Kaia seemed ready to jump right in off the steps and Zoe was ready and willing to give her that little extra push with her foot in the middle of Kaia's back. I decided they weren't quite ready for jumping or pushing in the pool and held back their efforts at advanced horseplay, at least for now. But they loved splashing the warm water and watching the other children. Zoe, in particular, squealed with delight each time she saw one little girl run by with her colorful float.

This week we noticed our shadows. Mommy couldn't understand why we kept kissing the wall in late afternoon. Finally, she realized we were giving our pretty shadows kisses.

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