Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mom Blogging -- The Hip New Thing

"What is a Mom Blog?" you might ask. ZoKai is a Mom Blog. The key is, you guessed it, moms blogging. It's a way for moms to connect to each other and the outside world, even at midnight or 5:00 AM when the teething babies are finally sleeping, the laundry is almost done and connecting to a reality with more than a ten-word vocabulary once again becomes a possibility.

My friend Karin of DoubleDutyDiary clued me in about a year ago. I read her blog and was hooked.

There are many different kinds of mom blogs: baby blogs, complainer blogs, saccharin blogs, humorous blogs, opinion blogs, photo blogs, my-life-in-annoying-detail blogs and more. ZoKai was started primarily as photo/baby blog, an alternative to clogging up the email boxes of friends and family with newsletters and unbelievably adorable photos of my twin daughters Zoe and Kaia (ergo ZoKai).

During the 2004 election, I was a political blogger, an experience that graced me with just enough technical expertise to be dangerous as I began my mom blog. At its inception ZoKai featured primarily photos and updates to keep friends and family informed and create a kind of online scrapbook. As a stay-at-home mom with infant twins, that was all there was time for. Zoe and Kaia have now reached toddlerdom and as they are growing so is ZoKai. More sleep time for babies means more blog time for Mama.

Recently I've ventured out onto the blogosphere, reading other mom blogs and learning what a diverse group we mom bloggers are. I have found some real gems and some stinkers. Here are a few of the gems for your review: (Brace yourself.)

Pull up a chair, take of your shoes and enjoy some easy reading.

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Mrs. Chicken said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! You are too kind. Your pal Karin is one of the reasons I actually even started my blog. I read DDD on the advice of my sister, and here I am today.

I'll be back!

Tell more about the political blogging, please!