Sunday, January 14, 2007

Political No No of the Week Award

This week I just can't let President Bush's speech on Iraq go without pointing out the the obvious -- "What took you so long?" His statements "Honorable people have different views," and "It is fair to hold our views up to scrutiny," must have garnered a collective "Duuuhhhhh" from viewers across the nation.

What was it, though, that finally led to this long overdue conciliatory speech? You know, the one this week, where he switched tactics from -- Let's club the Democrats over the head and drag them off to our caves to roast over an open fire -- to -- Gee, we're all just people with different views. Was there some serendipity with Karl Rove's departure from the helm? Was it the giant crushing blow the American public landed squarely on the jaw of the Republican Party in November? Or did he finally realize that the situation in Iraq is too dire to keep playing political games?

I would really like to know the turning point where the Bush Administration switched from -- If you disagree with us you are clearly unpatriotic, don't support our men and women in uniform, and are a pinko liberal -- to "Honorable people have different views."

This week the Political No No of the Week Award goes to President Bush for failing to acknowledge all along that honorable people have different views. Acknowledging that very important fact is absolutely essential to finding a solution to the growing problem in Iraq.

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