Saturday, August 25, 2007

All New Husband-Minder Robot

This headline from Reuters "iRobot revamps vacuums, plans more home robots" got me thinking, what should their next robot be? I vote for the all-new "Husband-Minder" model, personalized to each wife's needs, programmable for up to 5 specified tasks, more programmable tasks available for more dough, of course.

My Husband-Minder would:

1. Automatically dispose of garments and shoes as they develop holes from wear and tear so that he cannot continue to wear them.

2. Follow him around when he has a cold and zap snotty tissues as he lays them on the kitchen counter.

3. Download sports information to his brain while he sleeps.

4. Mow the lawn once a month, or at the very least, act as an intermediary when code enforcement shows up regarding the forest growing in our front yard.

5. Bake him home-made cookies, buy his clothes, do his laundry, put away his things, clean his room, and tell him how wonderful he is, because frankly I don't have time.

What would your Husband-Minder do?


Kelly said...

Ha! I love it! My husband-minder would go on business trips for my hubby so he could stay home and spend time with his kids instead. And that thing about holes in clothes -- yeah. That, too.

Marine Wife said...

I'd be happy if something could just pick up the trail of dirty clothes and other debris he leaves in his wake.