Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've Been a Bad Blog Citizen

I have been derelict in my blog citizen duties. I completely missed a meme I was tagged for by PunditMom, long, long ago. PunditMom is one of my most favorite bloggers, so many apologies. I can only offer as an excuse that I have two two-year-olds who since spring have launched a non-stop competitive offensive aimed at taking mommy down by seeing who can stay awake the most hours in a row, who can scream, "POOooo! POOOooo!" at the most inopportune moments at the fanciest restaurants in LA, and who can throw the wildest, most hysterical arm-flailing tantrums in any given hour. Oh, and I don't have a nanny. Any takers?

Sorry, PunditMom. My next post is in response to your meme tag.

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