Sunday, November 26, 2006

Political No No of the Week Award

And the award goes to . . . Senator-Elect Sherrod Brown, newly elected Democrat from Ohio, for his exchange today with fellow Democrat, Senator-Elect Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

On "Face the Nation" this morning, Ms. McCaskill had the nerve to suggest that Democrats and Republicans should start working together seriously to fix Social Security rather than continuing to use the issue to try to make each other look bad.

Unfortunately, Senator-elect Brown responded pompously that he didn't know that was what was planned and launched into a self-serving spiel about what he personally had done to benefit those in need of prescription medications in his own state. Apparently he entirely missed Ms. McCaskill's point. So today, Senator-elect Brown receives our coveted Political No No of the Week Award, along with marks of "Does not pay attention" and "Does not play well with others" for his unwillingness to play nicely even with those in his own party.


Kelly said...

This is what scares me about the Dems taking power -- I want them to do good things! I do! I was thrilled on election day as we swept power away from the Republicans. But will the Democrats really get it together so they can work not only with Republicans, but also with each other, in order to get good work done? I hope so. I really do. But I'm not optimistic.

Barack Obama '08!

Shannon said...

I'm right there with you sister. This is a momentus opportunity for the Democrats. Let's hope we see progress instead of infighting.