Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Five Bags Full

In response to Kelly's good-natured comment on my "Did You Know Coffee Is Good for You?" post earlier today, I decided I should share the rest of the story with you.

As I wandered through the aisles of our local grocer Sunday afternoon, dazed from the glory that is twin motherhood combined with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it dawned on me that my shopping cart floated along with five, yes five, bags of coffee tucked neatly in the bottom. I realized that the folks up front, and now my friends in the blogosphere, might think I have a wee bit of a problem.

Not so much. I just like coffee, one or two cups a day usually. I just couldn't decide which coffee would be best. Hazelnut is my favorite, but I can't find the kind I like. So, I picked up Hawaiian Hazelnut. Is there a difference? Vanilla Nut is a safe bet. I've had that one before. Into the cart it went. Starbucks Sumatra, one of my favorites, and Mom will like that when she comes for Christmas. Serena Organic Blend, also good and it's organic. And finally, Cinnamon Vanilla, just so holidayish, sounds perfect for family visiting during the holidays. With all these at my house, there will surely be something for everyone. Until I got home and remembered, uh oh, I think Mom only likes Starbucks French Roast.

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KarinGal said...

Don't feel bad. I realized I had stockpiled three pounds of my favorite coffee -- Peet's -- in the freezer as I brought home yet another pound.

And it's no more than two cups a day for me, as well.