Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shopping Paradise -- Finding the Finds

I've had a spin around the Internet and I've reached this conclusion. It's a shopping paradise. All sparkly-eyed and eager, I said a while back I was going to do my holiday shopping on the Internet and promised to share my best finds with you. Well, yes I am doing my shopping on the Internet, but the finds, the finds, the finds, they are so many. Plus I've found that this idea of sharing finds, yes, well, it's already been done, and so much better than I could hope to do it. So, I will simply share with you the links to the other hip sharers of finds as follows:

- It's a hiptastic list extravaganza over at Mom's Daily Dose (props to my friend Karin at DoubleDutyDiary for cluing me in);

- check out the Indie Collective 2006 Holiday Gift Guide for funky finds of a different kind;

- is the hip spot for techy girl in all of us;

- boasts smart things for the metro baby; and

- lots of lovely goodies are in store in the Cool Mom Picks 2006 Holiday Gift Guide.

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