Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Seller's Market

Hub-a-dub sometimes likes to sell CD's. He had over 600 when we married.

The problem with his little hobby is he "accidentally" sells my CD's and keeps his own. I've grown tired of losing my little gems from retroville -- The Beastie Boys, Til Tuesday, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Garth Brooks (How did that get in there?). So after his most recent trip to the CD shack, I asked to see his receipt.

AH yes, mine, yep, that one was mine, and "Oh My God! You sold my Billy Squire Signs of Life CD? The CD that my freshman roommate and I listened to like a thousand times my first semester of college? You have to go and get it back."

And so he did, bless his little soul, the same exact one, with the little crack in the middle of the front cover of the jewel case, lucky, lucky man. This Billy Squire Signs of Life CD he sold for $10 cost him $40 to buy back.

As a result I have shared with him this little bit of advice that seemed so obvious to me, but then again it's not like I have a degree in mathematical physics or anything, like him -- "If you don't like it and can't remember why you ever would have bought it, maybe you didn't. No more CD selling until I preview what's up for bids, please."

Of course this would be the same advice I shared with him last time he sold a bunch of my CD's. I suppose it continues to be a seller's market.

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Mrs. Chicken said...

'Ti Tuesday, The Cure ... I just downloaded them from itunes last week.

I signed up for the cookie exchange at Jenn's digs. Thanks for the tip! I'm reading you every day, too. :) Looks to me like you've caught the blog bug.