Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Incredible Molly Ivins

When I heard the news on Thursday that Molly Ivins had died, I thought of the many great laughs and insights she had given us and mourned that there will never be another exactly like her.

Few are be able to wield the pen as she did, as both sword and feather, slicing to the heart of truth with a humorist's touch. The dance of politics and humor she choreographed, like a combination of ballet and stomp, was intelligent, artful and straight to the point.

No one could say it better than Ms. Ivins; therefore, I leave you with NPR's tribute, Treasuring the Wit and Wisdom of Molly Ivins, by Wade Goodwyn. It is ripe with interviews with and audio snippets of Ms. Ivins. Just Click Here.

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Lauri said...

Thanks for the link to this interview. I heard some snippets as I was driving around picking up my children. I'll be able to hear it all now!

She was so sharp and funny and brave.