Friday, February 09, 2007

Even Their Dog Was Staring

The girls and I picked up these lovely new toys today at World Market. So shiny and pretty and impliedly smart too, because I mean look at it, it has a globe inside. Oh, and it spins too, like a real spinning globe. And it's surrounded by little flashing lights. It's spectacular. The best toy ever. Why? Because it has hypnotic powers. I don't know what it's called, but it should be called the Incredible Toddler Hypno-Ray. Works like a dream.

And we got two of them. Yay!

Naturally, when the girls became cranky just before bath time, the obvious solution was for me to do a little Incredible Toddler Hypno-Ray dance. Of course they work best in the dark, so I turned out the lights in the room and pretended to direct a plane coming in for landing. Then dancing with crazy, flashing maracas. Next flaming torches in a native island dance. Soon I was a one woman light show for the Rolling Stones.

It was about that time I looked over and realized the curtains were open and a family of three was stopped in their tracks on the walking path behind our home. Even their dog was staring. Apparently too troubled to move until they had satisfied themselves I wasn't experiencing some sort of sequence of uncontrollable body spasms, they stood there expressionless, unwilling witnesses to my artistic interpretive dance.

When I confessed to my husband this evening, he suggested perhaps they were wondering if the show would be at the same time tomorrow night.


Oh, The Joys said...

Tonight you'll have a bunch of college trippers on your lawn!

Damselfly said...

Hey, you could charge admission!

Shannon said...

Maybe I should set up some lawn chairs. Hubby could sell refreshments.

Lawyer Mama said...

Sounds like quite a show!

Oh and World Market has the best toys. I picked up some plastic frogs that glow when they're placed in water for a couple of bucks and they are hands down the boys' favorite bath toys.